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09.03.2012 , 03:42 PM | #24
"After some early missteps, we're learning to tolerate one another - we no longer invite her to dejarik games, she no longer spits in our tea. Give us a few months; we've negotiated with worse."
I don't think you get this line at all if you are a female agent. I saw it for the first time while watching a you tube video. Made me laugh.

By far my favorite agent line though is also a Vector line and it's the very first flirt you get with him. Going by memory it's the one that goes something like:

Vector: We hope our appearance doesn't disturb you.

Agent: Actually, you clean up quite well. (<-------Typical female agent flirt which makes little to no sense.)

Vector: You are too kind. We'd offer to rub forearms but we doubt it would translate.

I wanted so badly to ask him more about that one (and the next one you get about the bug milk) but I couldn't.