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09.03.2012 , 03:15 PM | #6
That simply isn't good enough.

Not being able to transfer my Level 50 over to the RP server from the dead PVP server is the main variable in my decision whether or not to unsubscribe. With Guild Wars 2, the new WoW expansion amongst other MMORPGs such as Star Wars Galaxies, I really only have one reason to stick with SWTOR despite the appalling customer service, laggy FPS, and other oddities: to play with friends. Friends who are quickly disappearing as we can't link up our favourite toons on the same server.

Way to go Bioware, I doubt you'll ever be taken seriously with the MMORPG community ever again.

I won't be subscribed past September, the only thing going for this game is the storyline and even that can be viewed on Youtube. What's the point?

Another dissatisfied customer. I would have thought they would have learned their lesson after most the PVP crowd rage quit.*

(*By this I mean at least five of my friends on Basilisk Droid who play down our local net cafe who have all played SWTOR to Level 50, done operations, done PVP and quit. They've played other MMORPGs for years. Then there was the backlash of anger on the forums over the slow introduction of PVP changes as well.)