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Depends a lot on the people I play with, and to a less extent, what Warzone we're playing. If there is an obvious tactical winner:

For hutball, I'll vote for whoever I think has done the best job either carrying the ball, clearing the path or guarding the ball carrier. It's different every game.

It's it's a control point scenario, if they call for reinforcements well I tend to vote for the poor person who is left defending a node while the rest of us are having fun fighting.

Otherwise, I'll look at the scoreboard at the end. Provided I've seen them actually healing and not not spamming NS -> Healing themselves, I'll almost always vote for a healer. If it's a close call between two healers, I'll vote for the second one, because I know how much of a pain it is to see someone with 20k more healing than you get 3-4 MVP votes while you get none, especially when the scoreboard only ever tells half the story, at best.
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