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im bh /rakata boutyhunter healer for pve i would take any one in tionesie/.columi over any one with wh gear im tired of all the *****s moawning pvp is good for pve pve is no good for pvp my bh gear gives me over 7k more hp dmg and armore way beter then recrute gear as for pve if i do randoms ops or fp and have bloke in bm gear i would not heal him **** off get pve gear then come with us one simple reson pve guy will have much more expirance in end game content

plus i would love to see full grup of guys in battlemaster gear runing nightmere kp under 2 h
I don't believe anyone is delusional enough to think they could run NM KP at ALL in BM or WH gear. If you are in pvp gear still, you probably should only be running T1 HM's. Maybe some of the easier T2 HMs but Kaon Under Siege, you should be at least partly in Columi gear if not full Columi.
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