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09.02.2012 , 03:08 PM | #64
@Kabe: I had such a crush on Sanju and was delighted when my Op got some alone time with him. Being a majority Repub player, I knew what I'd just done was going to frack over the resistance, but he's just so cute. I want to tug that little Jedi tail he's got going. But in the big picture, he's not a great person. And being Gray Star hurt a lot of people. Still... harsh death. /cringes

@Earhtmama: Noooooo, nice Quinn... so confused. What do I feel? Very heart breaking though, when you give up what you want but can't have. Luckily I don't want much beyond food and shelter so I don't have to deal with this! Still... I like happiness and it feels like Ardyth is giving that up. Kind of hurts.
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