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BM or WH PvP gear can be used for *MOST* pve endgame content. Just not all. I Tanked in BM gear for most of my hard modes and skipped over the tionese set until I started adding in/subbing a few Columi/Campaign pieces. But even before I started getting enough comms/crystals for Columi gear I was augmenting my WH and BM gear to make it PVE worthy. What I couldn't get on my own I made, like the Artifice Relics you can make.

If you don't PVP then the Tionese gear is ok to wear, otherwise BM gear is waayyyy better. However, why would you go into a WZ wearing full Campaign or full Rakata gear? That gear does not have the one stat needed to be viable in pvp which is expertise. Without expertise, you're dying moments from leaving your safe areas. Even if you have 900 Expertise chances are you can go down quickly.

Then you look at the fact that the end content PVE gear gives you stats that are almost useless to you in most pve situations anyway. I would say though that if you can get the PVE gear, then you should be going for it due to the set bonuses it gives you.
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