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09.02.2012 , 01:05 PM | #1185
what i find really funny here is all the posts that say oh i wont be paying and will play when i want cause i was a paying customer. sad day when you log in and you want to experience that world event or run an ops and whoops you cant cause your a F2P player.

if it was F2P and just the store no subscription option I would be like cool yep that will be how I will be playing. the issue here its not really true f2p its more like what they currently have but a larger level range. they already do the trial and honestly that is what this model is but re branded to make people say wow now i can play free.

in the end you will be paying the subscription if you want to run more than the planet quests when you reach 50.

Now the real question is what will the store really have, cause right now with the super LAME CE store I can say completely they have not a clue what should or should be in the store.