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Ok first i would just like to say i am very tired of hearing the same old same old, Pvp gear is fine in pve, but pve is not ok in pvp. ok i get it, expertise is king in pvp. but at the same time im geting tired of the same people then bringing pvp gear to a ops. they should make it so that pvp gear is only good in pvp. otherwise why shouldn't pve be ok for pvp? sure its a quick easy set to get. but its not the point. the gear is made for one thing or the other, it shouldnt then be accepctable to work in the other, unless its both capable. ./end rant. and fyi i am not pvping in pve gear nor pveing in pvp gear. just wish the devs would fix it.
My pvp gear on my healer is augged and optimized battlemaster (with a WH relic, implant and earpiece; also, all enhancements are war hero grade, borrowed from a different toon), in tionese shells for the set bonus, plus belts and bracers with 25 armoring and pvp mods (which are identical to 25 grade pve mods, apart from that there's bonus expertise). I also have a set of stock rakata (with columi implants and earpiece). The augged, optimized PvP set provides better healing output in pve than the rakata set with it's garbage default optimization. So, even though I use the rakata set for non-guild run ops, that's only because people like you would complain. The pvp set is better for pve in my case than pve gear.