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Not sure if this was said but it also helps tons if you augment all your gear (relics too!) you get around 13 End and 8 Primary stat for each augment *grade 6(max)* would be around 169 extra end and 104 Primary stat if you aug all your gear! 1,690 HP or so? I might be a tad off here or there, but extra stats are extra stats xD.

Also if your a super dooper Min maxer make sure to get all the datacrons relevent to your class (All force users use will and strenght either as main or off stat) and *normals* use aim and cunning either as main or off stat and can help add a little extra OOMF, and last but not least getting all 8 class's NPC's finnished will net you more extra stats!

Complete the list add'd with Warhero, a stim of choice, and consumibles, add some skill and BAMN your a beast
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