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CHRONICLES PAST, 5: In which Quinn starts to realize what he's gotten himself into

Crossposted from the Short Fic Weekly Challenge thread.

Time period: During Quinn's first life, immediately after his recruitment on Balmorra

"My lord?"


"What is...that?"

Nalenne looked up from the reading nook's holoscreen, which was displaying the latest Scarlet Nexu issue, part of the warrior stripper princess's invasion of Testosteroneland. The newcomer Quinn had apparently gotten back from his errands early; now his eyes were obviously tracing several of the curves in the image while he tried to figure out how that particular motion was physically possible in that not-quite-suit.

"It's a comic book," she said. "You've heard of them, I hope?"

Quinn looked sour. Thus far this seemed to be his only facial expression. "I am familiar with comic books, my lord," he said disdainfully. "I favor Captain Kaas over the likes of...that."

"If you have an editorial to make, make it fast and make it entertaining."

"No editorial, my lord." He looked over and ran another nearly-audible calculation on the elasticity that corset would have to possess for that maneuver. He frowned even harder. "Is this what Lord Baras's apprentice does with her spare time?"

"It has been to date. Whether that remains my prime leisure activity now that you're here will depend very heavily on your performance, captain." Nalenne heard a snicker down the hallway fighting with an exaggerated retching noise and losing. "Go away, Vette."

"I...have work to do," Quinn said in a suddenly strangled voice. "If, ah, work, if something is required, just...uh." He frowned at the Scarlet Nexu yet again. "When you're ready to accomplish something useful, my lord, let me know."

"I suppose you don't have hobbies?" Nalenne said sweetly.

"I track down and assassinate enemies of the Empire in my spare time," he said. "It is a most rewarding pursuit."

"Comic books are rewarding, too, so don't look at me like that."

Quinn cast his gaze down at the floor. "Of course, my lord. I shall return to my duties now."

Nalenne sighed. "Captain. New orders, top priority."

"My lord?"

"Get that stick of your *** before you talk to me again."

"My lord, I...I don't have..."

"All right. First, get a clue. Use the clue to locate the stick in your ***. Remove the stick from your ***. Then and only then may you come bother me while I'm trying to enjoy the cultural highlights of the year."

"Of-of course, my lord." Quinn bowed awkwardly and fled.

Vette sidled around the corner from the crew quarters hall. She, too, gave Scarlet Nexu a once-over. "You really have no shame, my lord. You realize that's probably the most he's ever seen of a woman?"

"That's his problem, not mine." Nalenne calmly flipped the page. Vette took one look at the resulting action scene, squeaked, and found other places to be.
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