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How many individual posters? That's the key point. If you have, say, 100 posters, who consistently post, that's not the same as saying 6,024 people are supporting it. Also, let's say it -was- 6,024 posters, and we're assuming this game has, well, 300,000 subs. Well, that's 2% of the player base.
You get a gold star on your math homework, but I am keeping you after class to work on reading comprehension.

The statistics I cite aren't about how important this subject is overall, or what a big deal it should be. I'm pointing out that this thread has been running since January, that it is the only thread this subject is permitted and yet when we have had a Community Team response (and we have gotten them, by private message to individual posters, from time to time) those replies have never happened here, where we are permitted to voice our concerns.

This thread isn't some secret base they don't know how to find. If we do them the courtesy of posting here, then I think its only fair to expect the same consideration in return.

I hope you can understand that there are quite larger issues for Bioware to tackle. They have that whole F2P model thing coming out, a new warzone, a new op, most likely a new flashpoint, etc.
Why yes. I do know about those. Because the Developers have told us about them.

And yet, I could go onto General Discussion right now and start a thread asking about any or all of those and I'd give it very good odds of staying open. It might not get a reply, but it doesn't need one. They talk about these things frequently. By "frequently" in this case I mean more often than once each six months or so.

We know it's coming [snip]... And always be aware Bioware can change their mind. ...[snip]... Game developers seem to change their thoughts on a whim.
Why yes. That thought had occurred to me, too. Which is why we are asking for clarification on the status of the content. Because we have been led to expect it, and to expect it this year... but things have changed at BioWare and for the direction of the game, and thus there is some uncertainty as to whether BioWare means to honor its commitments.

Anyway, best of luck to you guys, just trying to add some perspective.
Try gaining some. But thanks for the bump.