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Another chapter. Again, I'd appreciate some feedback on how I'm doing.

Chapter Five- The Neon City

When Titus awoke, his first thought was that of concerned curiosity. Where was he? How had he gotten here? It was only after a moment of thought that he remembered he was on his ship. He heaved a sigh of relief, before donning a simple tunic with a set of leggings and some soft boots. The majority of the time, Titus dressed in only his armor, but occasionally he’d allow himself the luxury of comfort.

After a quick breakfast, Titus walked over to the cockpit and turned on all the lights and terminals. The star map flickered on, illuminating the room with a three-dimensional map of the known galaxy. The map was interactive, allowing Titus to move it around, zoom in, or plot his destination. It came standard in all Kuati ships.

At that moment, B7-A4 walked into the cockpit, rubbing the top of its head.
“Good morning, Master Titus. I trust you slept well?” He asked. Titus nodded in response, before he started looking over the star map. He thought. He could do the typical thing and make his start on the Imperial Capital of Dromound Kaas. But that was dark, wet and stormy. No, Titus didn’t have much of a wish to go to Dromound Kaas. He thought of other places where hunters might make a living. One stuck out in his mind.

The Neon City. The world that never slept. Nar Shaddaa.

“Master, you’ve been standing there for quite some time. Is something wrong?” The droid said, interrupting Titus from his thoughts. He glanced at the droid who stood by a terminal, it’s hands clasped.

“No, no I’m alright. Say, what do you think of Nar Shaddaa?” Titus asked as he zoomed in on the planet on the map. Its model floated there, rotating slowly. Some information of the planet was listed beside it.

“Nar Shaddaa….. I suppose it depends on what you’re intending to do. Someone of your profession would find the Smuggler’s Moon to be a bountiful harvest of credits. However, I’d have to advise you stay away from the lower levels. Much more dangerous to explore down there.” A4 said as he walked over to the galaxy map. He spun the planet with his hands, as if he was curious as to what would happen.

“Right…. I plan on going there. Find us a place to dock.” Titus said, plotting a course to Nar Shaddaa. The ship lurched forward as it jumped to hyperspace.

It wasn’t long before they arrived. A4 had found a cheap docking port just outside the Promenade. They landed shortly after arriving in orbit. As they flew by, Titus peered out the window. Was there even any actual land to this place? Or was the whole thing just a floating mass of towering structures? The sheer scope of the planet was mind-blowing. For someone who’d spent too much time on Hutta, Nar Shaddaa was a little too much.

They docked, and Titus quickly climbed into his flightsuit-like armor. A4 looked over him.

“I hope you don’t plan on attempting to impress a rich Hutt.” The droid said, noticing the various cracks and dents in Titus’s armoring.

“I don’t, thank you very much A4. Keep watch over the ship. I’ll keep in touch if anything comes up.” Titus said, before he slipped on his helmet. The air inside smelled of Hutta. A bad memory.

Titus exited the ship, following the path out into the Promenade. His first view was that of a giant Golden Hutt statue. It wore what looked like a bell on its head. Odd. He walked around the Promenade for a while, stopping to look at the advertisements that interested him. There was one company that caught his eye. They were called the Grey Cartel, and had their headquarters in their own private tower outside the Promenade. He did a HoloNet search and found out that they were stationed all over Imperial space. A large group. He was interested.

“A4, book me a meeting with a representative of the Grey Cartel.” Titus said into his holocom.

“Right away master. One moment.” Came the response. A minute passed.

“You’re meeting is scheduled in an hour at the Grey Bastion, floor 27.” A4 told him.

“Great, thanks.” Titus responded.
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