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Some rules of MMO Markets I have learned over the last decade plus...

If you want to sell small stacks, sell them in stack sizes people need. In other words, do your research. People who are leveling up a crafting skill don't want to buy more than they need, but they also don't want to have to buy a bunch of singles when one click will get them exactly what they need.

If you are going to sell single stacks, only sell a few and price them at a HIGHER unit price than large stack sellers. People who only need one more unit of something to craft an item will pay a premium if they can avoid buying a bunch extra they don't need.

Items will almost always sell for a price lower than the market resource price. The exceptions are extremely rare items or items crafted with extremely rare/hard to get resources.

Resource prices are often over-inflated. The reason for this is entirely psychological in my opinion but what do I know, I'm not a psychologist.

No matter what you know about economics or how you feel things should be done (I'm talking to the time = money crowd here) there are large numbers of MMO players that simply DO NOT CARE about such things and feel money is money and they don't care if they are selling an item for a lower than normal price as long as they are making a profit. Nothing you can say will change this view, just grit your teeth and hope they run out of stuff to sell quickly.

If things you are selling aren't selling for the price you are asking, either your price is too high or there are just way too many people selling the same thing. You are better off selling prototype augment materials to the vendor than thinking someone will buy them in stacks of 99 no matter what the price...unless you are selling for less than vendor price...but you wouldn't do that, would you?

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