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Sabrina unless you are hiding your true identity, you are not in need of the information as of yet. Please return to your quarters immediately. I shall talk with you later. Rafeesh turned back to the sith and jedi. Helvic, your apprentice is in much pain, if you have any healing abilities then now would be the time to use them.
Okay, but i want to know what`s happening soon Then head back, to her room.
But know she new some thing, else was a foot. She new her droid been watching everything, so when she has a quite moment she be able to catch up with everything. Why where the jedi fighting, she wondered. Also What was going to be her excuse, for leaving the room. Simple she then thought The ship was obviously under attack ,by the republic. So she wanted to try and negotiate a peace. That should do it, are but from scared little girl to that hmm. May take some convincing, yes but she thought they where on verge of destroying the ship. So she had nothing to lose. That should do it, well hope fully.