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Iuguolo legacy, Begeren Colony

Haberl, ex-farmer turned soldier, fighting to defend the ideals the Republic stands for after losing his family to slavers and the war
Human Male Commando Healer (lvl 50)

Kadato, Kidnapped son of Haberl who fought his way out of Slavery and into the Mandalorians, willing to kill any, for a price
Rattataki Male Powertech Tank (lvl 50)

Betallor, Adopted son of Haberl who found him as an orphan of war during the service and brought him to the Jedi a bit overconfident due to his savant like skill
Mirialan Male Sentinel Melee DPS (lvl 20)

Naala, Primary contact between Kadato and the Empire who is loyal to a fault to the Empire before all others, including Kadato and her husband
Chiss Female Sniper Ranged DPS (lvl 12)

Dalknoth, Husband of Naala and secretly working to try to drag the Empire into the Light by climbing the ranks of the Sith
Sith Pureblood Male Assassin Melee DPS (lvl 19)