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New Chapter. The pace of the story's going to start picking up from here on out. Think of the first four chapters as a sort of Prologue. I'd appreciate any feedback to help improve the story.

Chapter Four- B7 Kuati Oppressor

The time had finally come. Titus had turned in his bounty, and collected his credits. He’d bought the Hyperdrive, and already hired out someone to install it. He was excited. He hadn’t been in his ship for quite some time. Titus missed his dual fusion-core Hypermatter engines, his two four-barreled turbolaser repeaters, his Nexu-Class proton torpedoes, outlawed on seven Republic planets. He missed his durasteel frigate-grade armor plating, but he especially missed the warm bed of his captain’s quarters.
Titus’s ship had been staying in a Huttese Drydock while it was being repaired and refinished. The mechanic he’d hired was already there, installing the Hyperdrive. Titus was making his way there now, riding a taxi speeder, since the drydock was too dangerous to walk to.
After an hour or so, Titus arrived. He walked in the main door, passing by the group of worn-down spacers playing some kind of dice game against the wall. He walked through the halls until he arrived at his own reserved spot. He entered into the small lobby area, which had a terminal with hangar controls operated by a droid in front of a large glass window.

And beyond that glass window sat Titus’s ship. The Kuati Drive Yards B7 Oppressor. The pride and joy of hundreds of illegal smuggling rings and cartels the galaxy-over. It was Titus’s path to power, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Technically a freighter, the Oppressor had more firepower then almost any ship legal in Imperial space that wasn’t military. From an aerial view, the Oppressor was shaped like an upside-down V, with the cargohold, rooms, and anything not found in the cockpit located in a large rectangular shaped hold that rounded into a sharp angled cockpit. One engine was located on both the left and right side of the hold, with the power supply located just inside. The V shaped wings had the turbolasers situated on the ends of them. On the opposite ends of the wings were two stabilizer engines to help control tight turns. The whole thing was painted black, red, and white, preferring style over much functionality.

Titus was excited. It had been far too long since he felt the endless miles of space fall behind him. Either that, or he just hated staying on Hutta for as long as he had. Now that Titus was spaceworthy again, he could finally start his career. No more small time bounties on backwater planets. He was going to hit it big. Become a king of the underworld, and retire young in his own mansion.

But flights of fancy had to wait. Titus could only get so far so fast. He thought ahead about what he needed to do in order to start making some real money. He couldn’t do it all by himself. He needed some help. He’d heard about companies that would hire Bounty Hunters new to the business and help them get contracts bigger and better then they’d be able to find on their own. This seemed like a good idea to him.

As Titus entered the ship, he powered on the lights. The recessed overhead lighting flickered on, and a droid plugged into a small pod powered up, its eyes turning on. It stepped out of the pod, the cord falling to the ground. It was about as tall as Titus was and had minimal armor plating, and a skeletal body type resembling a human. It was colored black, and had red eyes and what would pass as teeth set into its skull-like head. This was a new addition; something the mechanic had thrown in since he had a spare.

“Hello, master! I am B7-A4, Kuati Drive Yards onboard protocol droid! I am programmed in over three hundred thousand languages, and am capable of all forms of maintenance, ranging from ship repairs like engine calibration, weapon calibration, cleaning, and computer programming, to tasks benefiting you! I can prepare meals, freshen your air, maintain your hygiene, offer advice on your appearance, and even hold a long personal conversation about your political beliefs!” The droid said without prompt, as it stepped towards its new master. A4 did a quick biometric scan of Titus, cataloging as much information as it could.

“Right. So you’re my assistant?” Titus asked, looking over the droid. He flicked its shoulder, checking its balance. It glanced at its shoulder, and then gave Titus a quizzical look, that passed after a moment.

“Correct, sir! Think of me as your secretary. I’ll manage all of your accounts and other expenses, and can pilot the ship in your absence. I cannot, however, offer you combat support, as my programming restrains me from harming any form of life. So despite how much I might want to, I cannot join you in battle.” It said, it’s voice turning to that of disappointment towards the end of its response.

“Good to know.”

“May I ask your name, master?”

“Titus. I’m a Bounty Hunter.”

“Ah yes. Wonderful! Welcome aboard the Oppressor, Master Titus. How may I be of service?” A4 asked, putting his hands together. The droid’s voice was a combination over-enthusiastic and almost sarcastic. Titus took a chip out of his wrist-datapad and handed it to the droid.

“Here’s my personal datapad. I’d like you to get yourself situated with it. Also, upload my astrogation charts to the star map, and my personal accounts to one of the terminals in the cockpit. Also, set up my HoloNet messages on a separate terminal. Thanks A4.” Titus gave his commands.

“Right away Master Titus. I look forward to a long career with you!” It said, before walking away to do as it was told. Its movement was fluid, once again reminiscent of a human’s body.

The first thing Titus wanted to do was get a good nights’ sleep, so he made his way to his captain’s quarters. The room was small and dimly lit, with a few shelves on each side and a safe. His bed was set against the wall, and wasn’t what you could call “lavish.” But it suited him. He tapped a few buttons on a panel set on the wall, before he took of his suit of armor. He wore a small, skintight suit underneath that had some skin exposed, for body temperature reasons. Having set an alarm, he turned the lights off and got in bed. After a few moments, he fell asleep. As he slept, A4 took the liberty of launching the Oppressor into orbit, to let it drift in space outside Hutta.
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