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I play on two different servers. Many of the Level 1s I mention below just have a character created just to hold the name on their server until I can get around to playing that character actively because I am waiting until I can unlock the species I want them to be.

The first server is the Anlashok Legacy and those characters are (this was the Kanos Legacy until I moved servers and had to change names):

1. Annihillus - Male Sith Pureblood (red) Level 50 Sith Warrior (Marauder) Biochem Crafter, Romancing Jaesa (Dark Side)
2. Iantu - Male Rattataki Level 27 Bounty Hunter (Powertech/Hybrid DPS Tank) Slicer (no crafting), Romancing Mako (Neutral-Light Side)
3. Ishoola - Female Twi'lek (red) Level 23? Sith Inquisitor (Assassin/Tank) Artifice Crafter, will Romance Andronikus (Dark Side)
4. Kyr-kanos (was Kir in another life on another server) - Male Human Level 36 Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer/DPS Healer Hybrid) Synthweave Crafter, will Romance Ashara (Light Side)
5. Grimgarou - Male Chiss Level 29 Trooper (Commando DPS) Armormech Crafter, Romancing Elara (Neutral-Light Side)
6. Villetta - Female Chiss Level 12 Imperial Agent (Sniper) Armstech Crafter, will Romance Vector unless save ses reltationships get here sooner (Neutral)
7. Sookyi - Female Rattataki Level 1 Smuggler (will be Scoundrel AC Healer spec) Cybertech Crafter, will Romance Corso unless same sex relationships arrive sooner (Neutral-Dark Side) Iantu's daughter
8. Sylx'xi - Female Chiss Level 12 Jedi Knight (Sentinel) Artifice Crafter, will Romance Doc (Light Side)

The second server will have to move with the mandatory move when that becomes mandatory since the current destination server is the same as the first server I already have characters on. This server has the Kanos Legacy and those characters are:

1. Mal - Male Mirialan (bronze with red hair) Level 22 Smuggler (Gunslinger) Armstech Crafter, incorrigible flirt and will romance anything that breathes, but will likely end up romancing Risha when forced to choose (Neutral-Light Side)
2. Zurseek - Male Zabrak (black with white hair) Level 18 Jedi Knight (Guardian/Tank) Artifice Crafter, Romancing Kira (Light Side)
3. Khalisa - Female Sith Pureblood (purple) Level 18 Jedi Consular (Sage/Healer DPS Hybrid) Slicer (no crafting), will Romance Iresso unless same sex option becomes available before then (Neutral-Light Side)
4. Kir - Male Human Level 16 Imperial Agent (Operative/Healer DPS Hybrid) Cybertech Crafter, will romance anything, but will likely choose Temple when forced to, but wants to romance Watcher Two above all others and if that would be threatened by romancing Temple he will choose Watcher Two even though she is not a companion. She is his Ms. Moneypenny. (Neutral)
5. Sorscha - Female Cyborg Level 12 Sith Warrior (Juggernaut/Tank) Artifice Crafter, will Romance Quinn unless same sex romance becomes available first (Light Side)
6. Wyam - Male Miraluka Level 1 Jedi Consular (Shadow/Tank DPS Hybrid) Synthweave Crafter, will romance Nadia (Neutral-Dark Side)
7. Kymirra - Female Twi'lek (green) Level 1 Bounty Hunter (Mercenary/DPS Healer Hybrid) Armormech or Biochem Crafter, will romance Torian (Neutral-Dark Side)
8. Sylvar - Female Cathar Level 1 Trooper (Vanguard/Tank) Armormech or Biochem Crafter, will romance Aric Jorgan (Neutral-Dark Side)