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12.19.2011 , 04:52 PM | #1
So apparently someone hacked my account so now it is not active. I wrote bioware and they replied that I have to get a security key but it says on the account website that this is optional. So how am i getting pigeon holed into getting something that is optional because of something I have no control of? I have never been hacked in an MMO and 72 hours into this one and it seems to be the case. Screw gold farmers is what I would like to say first off and I am starting to wonder if all this frustration is even worth my time. I love the game. It is great but having to deal with a phone number that I never get through on, emails that are vague telling me to get something that is not required and no responses from anyone on the customer service forum is getting to me. I am sick of WOW but I never felt shunned by them as i do now. On their forum anytime i had a problem I had a blue most with in 5 minutes. I understand EA is all about making money so no doubt you people are probably understaffed but I have almost reached my limit of frustration with how this is turning out.