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Chapter Three- Dealing with Hutts

“So you brought in the farmer’s thief, eh? Haha, good, good. I’ve been running low on factory workers.” A large, fat Hutt chuckled as he sat on his lounge. Two twi’leks sat beside him, dressed in dancers outfits. This was Ran’dor, one of the hundreds of Hutts who owned large factories and chemical plants on the surface of Hutta. It was commonplace for bounties posted by the hutts to be used as slave labor in the factories. Usually, the Bounty Hunters who brought said slaves in received a significant bonus for doing so. It was really just a matter of morals.

“Right. How much will you give me for him?” The hunter asked.

“Hmm… How about five hundred credits?” Ran’dor offered.

“Make it seven hundred and you’ve got a deal.” The hunter demanded. He needed a Hyperdrive installed on his ship, and to do so wouldn’t be cheap. He had a large amount of credits saved, but he still needed more to get space worthy. The faster he got off Hutta the better.

“Haha, you’re a hard bargain. Fine. Seven hundred it is. I’ll have the credits transferred to your account. What was the name again?”

“Titus.” Said the hunter.

“Titus the Hunter….. I like that. Sounds fierce. Dangerous.” Said the hutt, before waving a hand, signaling for Titus to leave. The hunter nodded, then turned around, leaving Ran’dor’s palace. Upon exiting to the plains of Hutta, he checked his wrist-datapad. The credits were already transferred to his account. Fantastic. He only needed one or two good bounties until he could leave. So he decided to head for the local spaceport, as most bounties were posted there. Besides, it was only a short walk away from the palace.

Arriving at the spaceport, Titus went straight for a giant neon billboard that had all the bounties posted. It listed five bounties at a time, gave a name of the employer, the target, the pay, and a short description of the bounty. There were twenty-two bounties in total; most of them were either too dangerous or too easy for Titus to make a profit on. After a few minutes of thinking, he chose one that didn’t seem too difficult. A group of bandits were harassing a water treatment plant and needed to be taken care of. The posting had been made by another Hutt, someone by the name of “Fenn’gul.” Didn’t seem like much of a problem.

As Titus contacted the Hutt from his datapad to confirm the job, a group of three people emerged for a hangar door. They had taken what looked like an expensive shuttle to the planet, something fast and comfortable. These three men were all dressed in the most stunning armor Titus had ever seen. Each piece of their handcrafted Mandolorian steel suits gleamed like the sun. The sheer weight of their equipment would have been enough to crush someone as scrawny as Titus, and yet they wore it as if it was a second skin. One was colored red with black trim, the other yellow and white. The third was a black and white camouflage pattern. Tubes stretched all over the armor from various pieces of gear to an assortment of backpacks.

They each carried unique weapons. The red one carried a huge blaster pistol, three times the size of Titus’. He also wore a long vibroblade strapped to his back, with a curved handle that had some kind of bone jutting out of the pummel. The yellow one carried a long blaster rifle, with all kinds of attachments, ranging from a scope, to a laser guide, to a huge bayonet on the underbarrel. The third was truly different. He carried a heavy repeating ballistic chaingun. It looked like it weighed over a hundred pounds, and it had the same type of size as some of those larger blaster cannons he’d seen Imperial troops use before. Ballistics were a tricky thing, often underused and almost forgotten. They weighed a lot more then regular blasters, and were much more expensive due to the use of heavy bullets instead of power cells. Few legitimate military forces used them, since they were less effective against anything besides humanoid targets. They did almost nothing to droids, especially the heavy-armored variety they’d be most needed against. Only Bounty Hunters really used them, and even then, only the most skillful dare would. They were also very popular with trained Jedi Hunters, an elite group of bounty hunters hired and trained by the Empire to find and kill Jedi. Why? Simple. Jedi couldn’t deflect bullets like they could blaster fire. Also, since they weren’t used often, most Jedi had no idea how to combat them. A risky investment, but one that usually paid off for the more successful hunters.

The group of the three men who were undoubtly Bounty Hunters pushed through the crowd. Well, they didn’t really push. Everyone sidestepped them, choosing to stare instead of carrying about their business. Titus was amazed. These three were clearly very wealthy. They stopped near the entrance, one of them choosing to turn around and angrily reprimand the onlookers for wasting time. The leader, the one with the ballistic cannon, turned and noticed Titus standing near the bounty board. He pointed at him, and beckoned him over. Titus obeyed without really thinking.

“You, you look like you’re from here.” The man said, his voice distorted by his heavy helmet. Still, it seemed overly masculine and inhuman. The Bounty Hunter placed his cannon on his back, which stuck magnetically in place. He then reached up and removed his helmet. It came off with a hiss, and he held it under his left arm. Titus gasped. This man was a pureblood Sith. Not as dark of a red as some he’d seen pictures of on the HoloNet, but it was clear. Titus tried to stop looking and showing such emotion. Instead, he approached them, and waited for the Sith to ask his questions. Beside the hunters, they towered over him, their armor adding a good four to five inches over Titus.

“We’re looking for Nem’ro the Hutt. Where’s his palace?” Asked the Sith.

“Close by the spaceport. Follow the road, there are signs on the way.” Titus replied. The Bounty Hunter nodded at him, then puts on his helmet. They walked away, leaving an awed group behind them. Titus got the feeling that he’d be seeing them again.
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