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Chapter Two- The Chase

The man had run off, and the hunter wasted no time in going after him. The thief was fast, clearly used to this sort of thing. The thief forced the bounty hunter to slow down every once in a while to dodge the occasional overturned piece of garbage or thrown alien. The hunter only had a clear view of his target less then frequently. On these occasions, he would unleash a volley of shots after the thief. These never did any real damage, only grazing shots and near misses.

The chase continued for a few more minutes, until the streets came to a stop. The alley behind him, the hunter now had his target cornered between himself and the chemical marsh. The thief searched for an escape route, and when he couldn’t find one, he turned around, staring the hunter down, both of their weapons drawn. The thief held a battered lockbox in his left hand, and a shoddy hunting pistol in his right. Neither of them said anything. Deciding the time for surrender had passed, the hunter dove to the side, firing three shots until he hit the ground, landing behind a dumpster. Two of the shots missed the thief, and the third struck him in the left arm. He dropped the lockbox in pain, then fired his own gun at the dumpster in anger.

The hunter crouched in cover, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. He waited until the thief had to vent his pistol’s heat, before he popped out of the side, firing at his targets’ legs. He landed two shots in the right thigh. Not enough to do permanent damage, but enough to immobilize. The thief hobbled as fast as he could to the back of the dumpster, in an effort to catch the hunter off-guard. Right when he came into sight, the bounty hunter leaped at him, knocking him off his feat and forcing the gun out of his hand. They tumbled on the ground for a bit, until the bounty hunter positioned himself on top of his target. He blocked a weak punch at his face with his left hand, grabbing the bounty’s arm. Then, he delivered a swift blow to the thief’s temple with the handle of his pistol.

His target knocked out, the hunter reached for a set of electro-cuffs strapped to his belt. He cuffed the thief’s feet together, then got up and walked over to the lockbox that was now on the ground. He picked it up and examined the contents. Mostly a small pile of credits. There was also a spare blaster, but it was small and clearly would only be good as a holdout blaster. The hunter left it. Closing the box, he looked back at his prisoner, wondering what exactly he should do with the thief. The hunter checked something on his datapad, and then nodded reassuringly. He turned off the datapad, and walked over to the thief’s crumpled form. He grabbed him and threw him over his shoulders, and started walking. He knew exactly what he should do.
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