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Svein Eternity: Sith Warrior, human cyborg, LS but makes the tough decsisons for the Empire often kills traitors so.... Is an Imperial Loyalist

Azra Eternity: Bounty Hunter human, LS but delivers justice with a shot of her gun.

Verana Ara'ina: Sith Inquisator, Pureblood, DS for the most part (power play expert) ,but sometimes her conscience gets the best of her.

Ardon: Imperial Agent, Human, who is nuetral for the most part but as the story progresses he becomes more LS.

Raon: Jedi Consular, Human, who is light but will do whatever it takes to achieve victory and protect his loved ones. Probaly light one for majority of story.

Rexla Reeal: Imperial Agent, Cathar, and a double agent for the Republic. His mostly DS,likes to kill sith etc. progressively becomes more light but not completely

Clyde Angelica: Jedi Knight Human, LS but becomes more DS as the story progresses.

Tera Angelica: Smuggler, Cyborg Nuetral LS and is a little greedy but she tries to help the Republic.

To be added....

Serena Angelica: Trooper, Miraluka, Neutral, kills Imps but gets lighter as story progresses....

There you have it.
The Eternity Legacy