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We appreciate all kinds of constructive feedback, and we're always reading the forums to collect it. We chose to highlight this thread this week because it was a great source of feedback on quality of life issues the community is interested in. We can't always comment on individual ideas or suggestions, especially if we don't have any concrete details to share, but the thread we highlighted here and the ones you've shared with us are all great feedback threads! Just because we chose to feature this thread this week doesn't mean we're ignoring others; we just liked to see everyone pitching in with constructive posts. For us, the thread was useful, but so are many of the feedback threads we see, whether they are detailed posts about one suggestion or compilations of minor issues.

Thank you!
First I have to admit I did not expect any feedback. So allow me to /tip_hat for that honest answer.

Then I don't think in its actual state the game can spare that much resources on quality of life features that much, at least the ones you are unaware of and so would need the above topic to highlight them.

There are so many game breaking issues that need some help that it's puzzling, for the least, to see you guys putting an emphasis on such topic, before the others.

Now to be fair, you guys almost never comment any kind of suggestions and even less the detailed ones like I pointed you at.
Now would your executive producer like it so, you'd (the devs, not the mods) find the time to do so. So please (no pun intented) spare us the "We can't always comment on individual ideas or suggestions".

As closure and because you seems to have slightly improved the communication I'd invite you to:
  1. Stop screening the devs and start having them step into the suggestion forums.
  2. Actually answer the most viewed/answered questions. Why not in a meaningful QA and discuss with the players the answers in the following topic.

Before leaving:
I'm not shooting the messenger here. Most of us are pretty much aware you guys can only say what you are allowed to.
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