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Here's my ppl:

1. Ayang Cardani, female Mirialan scoundrel. Straddles the line between genius and crazy. Also have her on Ebon Hawk where she holds the current title of Worst Mandalorian. LS.
2. Aranea Senecio, female human Marauder. Bleeding-heart LS idealist. Gay for Jaesa. Wants to be bros with Quinn.
3. Kanaya Ixera, female human Sentinel. Mostly LS, but doesn't mind making attachments. Meyali's former padawan and Aranea's twin sister, but they were separated at birth.
4. Meyali Cardani, female Mirialan Sage. LS but thinks she's better than everyone else because of it. A horrible, horrible person. Gets what's coming to her. Ayang's mom.
5. Meenah Ferula, female Twi'lek Assassin. Neutral and crazy. Rains karma down on Meyali.
6. Terezi [can't pick a last name yet], female human Merc. LS but idc, I just made her to see how good I was at cloning NPCs. Now she just runs around Kaas City freaking people out.
7. Vriska Alyssum, female human Operative. LS. Has a tragic backstory that makes the agent story 50000 times worse.

"We will snatch purpose from the jaws of futility...are you ready to wreak some havoc?"[/SIZE]