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08.30.2012 , 11:25 AM | #14
1. Darth Jaculus, a human male Sith Juggernaut (neutral, leaning towards evil). Level 50.
2. Felicine, a human female Gunslinger (neutral, leaning towards evil). Level 39, very close to 40.
3. Ignavus, a Sith Pureblood male Sith Sorcerer (evil, as of now Dark I but will go further down). Level 16.
4. Adolon, a human male Jedi Sentinel (good, as of now Light I but will go further up). Level 16.
5. Megelle, a human female Imperial Operative (neutral, leaning towards good). Level 10.
6. Rucks, a human male Vanguard (neutral, leaning towards good). Level 10.

Future, will wait for the species to be made playable:
1. Qereen, a Togruta female Jedi Shadow (haven't decided, probably good).
2. undecided name, a Nautolan male Mercenary (neutral).