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Really would like to see this info in the guide. I haven't hit 50 since before 1.2 -- back when you would max out WZ and Merc commendations and buy one BM bag before 50. Would be a big help if you could outline what a pre-50 can do in order to prepare gear-wise for 50 WZs.
I agree. My only PvP experience is World PvP while PvEing. I have rolled a new character to explore this aspect of the game. But most of the advice I see posted is what to do at Level 50, or maybe 40.

I'd like to see a guide similar to a crafting leveling guide that explains: Level 10 - 19 do this. Tips and secrets to success at this level are: teamwork, medpacs, stims, etc. Level 20 - 40: Same as above but play more Huttball instead of Civil War, etc. If any of that matters.

As a complete PvP noob, where do I start at level 10? What do I need to know to be successful? What do I need to do to be great when I get to Level 50?

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