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Quote: Originally Posted by Deewe View Post
Let's be honest here: this thread is the biggest pile of messy crap that has been posted on the suggestion forum.
  • There's no focus at all on specific topics
  • The way it's disorganized make it so it's not even usable for a brainstorm
  • The OP is the great example of what not to do: say the same thing multiple times in lengthily paragraph without adding anything to your first statement.
  • I did not see anything that hasn't been debated during or even before the beta in much more detailed and focused threads
  • There's no way you can identify the most requested features with this
  • Don't even think of getting the pro and cons in structured discussions.

The only goal I can see this topic achieve is:
  1. Redirect brainless people there to keep the "nonconstructive" feedback in this /dev/null feature and let them rot
  2. Get the bored devs entertained browsing randomly this mess.

That's a shame because there are lots of great topics in the suggestion forums that never got any dev attention nor feedback.

Here's a few examples:

We appreciate all kinds of constructive feedback, and we're always reading the forums to collect it. We chose to highlight this thread this week because it was a great source of feedback on quality of life issues the community is interested in. We can't always comment on individual ideas or suggestions, especially if we don't have any concrete details to share, but the thread we highlighted here and the ones you've shared with us are all great feedback threads! Just because we chose to feature this thread this week doesn't mean we're ignoring others; we just liked to see everyone pitching in with constructive posts. For us, the thread was useful, but so are many of the feedback threads we see, whether they are detailed posts about one suggestion or compilations of minor issues.

Thank you!
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