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Bump. Want a Barbershop and AC switching so I don't have to reroll/delete characters.
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I'd agree with you on the barbershop (especially since we can switch out companion customization mods and change how our comps look as we see fit) and potentially a plastic surgeon to boot (such that you can change any detail about your character except the race), but I have to disagree with AC switching. Each AC is distinctly different from the other from its base class. They're completely different classes, for all intents and purposes, that just so happen to share a small number of abilities with another class (which, honestly, generally tend to only be used by one AC or the other).

The only possible way I could see allowing AC switching would be to have it take place as a part of a long quest string (probably soloable) that could only be completed once. Tie the story in to alternate dimensions or time travel or something of the kind to explain why your character all of the sudden forgot how to use 2 guns at once and decided to pick up a shotgun and stealth belt. The quest provides logical story-based explanation as well as preventing the AC switching from being done haphazardly.

Of course, I could just as easily see the developers forcing players to pay real money every time they want to AC switch a character. The real money transaction would act as a deterrent for too much swapping while generating additional revenue (and, for story purposes, could just as easily be explained as a Hutt Cartel mind rewiring device that your character paid to go through). This is probably the most likely path the developers will go with since it's something some players have wanted for a while that the developers have regularly stated they don't want to allow players to have, and the prospect of money has a habit of loosening morals a bit.

I don't ever plan on AC swapping characters since I've got one of each anyways, and I don't really see going through the same story a second time as necessarily being a waste (especially if you use different companions and/or LS/DS options to check out more of the dialogue and reactions) so, even if it's added, I don't plan on using it ever. As such, I just not as invested in the desire to see it happen as others are.
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