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still no info about terror from beyond.

How many bosses?
Will there be another world boss as well?
Any novel mechanics?
Are they doing something original with trash mob?

Surely by now, bioware could share some informations?

For those who have played it, there was a boss event in karazhan, a wow raid instance, called the opera event. Each week, the game woud choose one encounter out of 3. So if nobody told you, you wouldn't be able to know what would be the encounter. I remember times where the raid lead explain the wizard of Oz and the Little Red Riding Hood would just appear (run away little girl, run away^^ )
The opera boss was one of the most fun I ever had :P just cause of the surprising nature of it.

It would be nice for them to disclose some info now, but they probably wont bother, just throw it on PTS and let us see for ourselves ^^
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