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Here goes:

1. Nic, human female Gunslinger. Moral alignment: More credits plz.
2. Rho, Mirialan male Jedi Knight, Virtue is his middle name.
3. Ruth, human female Warrior, pro-Empire, slid further and further from LS as the game progressed.
4. Wynston, Chiss male Operative, solidly neutral pro-Empire.
5. Mellekor, Zabrak male Warrior, DS.
6. Nalenne, Sith female Warrior (don't judge), LS but if I level her she'll turn DS for plot purposes.
7. Niselle, Sith female Inquisitor, chaotic crazy DS.
8. Vierce, human male Trooper, LS.

Planned? A neutral/selfish/whatever female Twi'lek Consular, maybe a big teddy bear of a female Chiss BH. Hard LS and DS Agents, one each male/female. I think that'll satisfy me.
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