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First off, if you're gonna start a thread about Shadows, it might be more appropriate to start the thread in the Shadow sub-forum and properly label the title (Shadows are not the only Consulars).

As to your claim, I would really have to agree. Infiltration does remarkably anemic damage, both in sustained and burst situations, and the highest I've seen Balance push is 1.6-1.7k DPS in full campaign (most Inf claims I've seen place it in the 1.1-1.3k range while a single claim has said he can reliably pull 1.4-1.5k). Balance is decent but noticeably below the top tier DPS I've seen pulled by Sentinels and Gunslingers (more than the 5% margin of performance the developers claim to have), but Infiltration, at its *best*, is still worse than it has any right to be considering the developers' claims.

As for PvP, I find it strange that the developers haven't noticed that neither Balance nor Infiltration are considered particularly good specs. The most prevalent PvP specs I see are full tank and tank hybrid specs, though I've heard of some people using a Balance hybrid as well. I'd be curious whether the developers have done any datamining concerning PvP spec choice (check the specs on Shadows currently with Expertise over a given quantity and over a given Valor rank and just look at the most prevalent specs; have 'em check the Power too to see how many of those same tankish-spec'd Shadows are actually wearing DPS gear to show that it's not simply a preponderance of tanks). It might be a little jarring for them to see exactly how little attention Infiltration and Balance get.
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