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^ That.

Its 30m on the dot from the point Toth lands. Fearful is NOT applied before the jump and is NOT ranged from Zorn.

29 Meters angled away from the Toth Side and the Ranged DPS can burn their hearts out. I do however hope you have some heavy melee to make up the difference that happens from ranged always attacking. Ours balances out during rock phases when the melee can continue to dps easier than ranged.

heres a diagram

--------Tank(Zorn)----------------------------------------------- (Toth)Tank


Also as a fun tip make sure your Zorn tank moves to the outisde (Realitive away from Toth) and max range (4 or 10m) Depending right as the rock phases end. This allows them to avoid the huge Smash hit while already low from rock phase. Its tricky to pull off as you have to get the timing down and the tank will instead get knocked back decently far so its best to have a wall to hit but your healers will love you.