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Alt-aholics unite!

Currently playing:
1) Rjyla, human female, Jedi Consular Shadow, lvl 50, Dark I
2) J'oules, cyborg female, Trooper Commando, lvl 50, Light V
3) Iseia, Sith pureblood female, Sith Warrior Marauder, lvl 50, Dark V
4) Kasaji, Twi'lek female, Jedi Knight Guardian, lvl 31, Dark III
5) Ren'aji, Zabrak female, Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer, lvl 29, Light II
6) Palahniuk, Rattataki female, Imperial Agent Sniper, lvl 46, neutral

Created but not playing yet:
7) Tur'anga, Chiss female, Bounty Hunter (planned neutral Powertech)
8) Buck'minster, Mirialan female, Smuggler (planned neutral or dark Scoundrel)

I'm planning on 8 more characters with the opposite ACs. I'll make them look like the offspring of my first "generation" but also plan to switch factions (Rep character -> Emp child etc). Will probably roll male IA (child of Rjyla/Iresso) and male Smuggler (child of Iseia/Pierce) next time around but am waiting on SGRs to determine genders of the other characters.
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