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08.29.2012 , 10:11 PM | #1
Who here thinks the Shadow is nothing more than a merger DPS character? To me it's DPS is very much lacking in PvE. People claim it's burst DPS is so great and yet with all the stuns and knock backs you rarely get a full DPS burst on anything but a weak NPC. So what does the consular need? Shorter cool downs on sprint burst and force cloak? A low leveled, under geared, Scoundrel can do more DPS than my L50 Shadow can do. The scoundrel can do 4000+ damage and that's not even crit damage, where as I'm doing the same with crits and 60% black hole gear.

Now I'm talking to those shadows that PvE. Not PvP players owning nubs with high level PvP gear. So how does BW fix this class that's been so neglected for so long? I'm talking about mediocre DPS, ugly gear looks, we are required to spend twice as much to get the correct black hole stats and etc. Why are we so hated by BW and why has nothing been done? Rise up fellow shadows! Say something.