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1. Eleeta: Chiss Female Operative, Light Side, Level 50, Armstech
2. Zel'eena: Chiss Female Sentinel, Light Side, Level 34, Synthweaving
3. La'heelta: Chiss Female Mercenary, Light Side, Level 19, Armormech
4. Moth'reena: Chiss Female Juggernaut, Light Side, Level 16, Artifice
5. S'leeva: Chiss Female Gunslinger, Light Side, Level 1, Cybertech
6. Seleer'ee: Chiss Female Shadow, Light Side, Level 1, Biotech
7. Col'eelta: Chiss Female Vanguard, Light Side, Level 1, gathering
8. I forget the name: Chiss Female Sorcerer, Light Side, Level 1, gathering
The n'Sappho Legacy, The Harbinger
Zel'eena, 55 Combat Sentinel
Eleeta, 55 Medic Operative; Fer'eerra, 55 Lightning Sorcerer
All Chiss, all the time, all day, forever.