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Quote: Originally Posted by Deewe View Post
Let's be honest here: this thread is the biggest pile of messy crap that has been posted on the suggestion forum.
  • There's no focus at all on specific topics
  • The way it's disorganized make it so it's not even usable for a brainstorm
  • The OP is the great example of what not to do: say the same thing multiple times in lengthily paragraph without adding anything to your first statement.
  • I did not see anything that hasn't been debated during or even before the beta in much more detailed and focused threads
  • There's no way you can identify the most requested features with this
  • Don't even think of getting the pro and cons in structured discussions.

The only goal I can see this topic achieve is:
  1. Redirect brainless people there to keep the "nonconstructive" feedback in this /dev/null feature and let them rot
  2. Get the bored devs entertained browsing randomly this mess.

That's a shame because there are lots of great topics in the suggestion forums that never got any dev attention nor feedback.

Here's a few examples:
Ah, but it's perfect, because they can mine it for harmless ideas while avoiding the sort of threads you posted (which I see no gold replies to, lol)

I stopped taking these Community Round Up threads seriously when they never engaged any of the really hard questions people have to which they claim to have no answers.
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