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I am not 100% sure if this is in the right section but here goes nothing.....
Okay who are the current characters you have made and are playing as and what characters do you intend to make in the future to play as (if you have any idea) please name the characters name(only if they are already made) class race and level optional: mention their intended alignment.
I shall go first:
currently made and being played as:
1.blasilver zabrak jedi sentinal lv 34 (light sided)
2.canderordo human vanguard lv 11 (neutral)
intend to make(thank goodness that you can make 8 characters):
3. unknown twilek powertech (light sided)
4. unknown cathar gunslinger (dark sided)
5. unknown cyborg commando (light sided)
6. unknown human jedi shadow (light sided)
7.unknown twilek sith warrior (light sided)
8. unknown mirilian imperial agent (light sided)
As you can tell I prefer the light over the dark the sith warrior and imperial agent will be advance classes I just forgot what they are called. I kind of hope that the game lets me make some of them hybrids, why? because canderordo is suppose to be the father of blasilver and the currently unnamed twilek powertech, blasilver is suppose to be the father of the currently unnamed cyborg commando and human jedi shadow, and the uncle of the unnamed twilek sith warrior.
JOHTORRE LEGACY Number of family members: 37.
ANIME LEGACY Number of family members: 2.