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I think its good that some of the boss fights are hard!
I'm all for hard, but this wasn't healable like this. Even if I had unlimited heat I would not have been able to heal through it, his DPS was about double my HPS spamming my strongest heal nonstop. If he hit the same person twice they went from full health to dead in about 2 seconds.

I remember him sniping in beta, but he would do it occasionally mixing it up with the flamethrower and the knockback. Now hes spamming it non stop after a few seconds into the fight and never using his regular attack, flamethrower, or anything else.

I found it very weird because his damage output was about three times as much as any boss we'd fought previously in any flashpoint. It felt very unusual and in beta we never had any problems like this, he hurt when he had his adds out but not to the point where you couldn't even heal it with cooldowns up.