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I'm frustrated. I've been playing since December. I like this game quite a lot, but when things are obviously in flux, it makes it difficult to have any confidence in their ability to produce something I will want to play. I appreciate Allison's answer on why the Dev Tracker was at one page. Those clarifications help a good deal. But when you look at the questions that have not been answered for MONTHS (when will paid transfers be implimented, when will people be forced off their low-pop servers, are SGRAs still in development) and items such as whether the Makeb patch will be free or charged for subscribers...well, I would like to see some answers.

And Kubernetic, I'd like to see somewhere in the realm of a dozen per day. I'd prefer quality over quantity, but if they're not going to give us quality then they'd do well to make up for it with quantity.
To your last part there about a dozen per day, I've noticed the devs don't usually answer the same question more than two or three times, and we rarely have even half that many unique/original thread questions each day.

Regarding the questions you mentioned, I believe all three have directly or indirectly been answered by dev posts already. Forced mergers are allegedly happening by the end of summer(Sept 21), I believe SGRAs was stated as "in development"(which in their lingo is closer to release than "planned", but farther away from release than "soon") and paid transfers are coming at an unspecified time after the forced server merges. Last known answer on Makeb(which wasn't actually too long ago) was that they haven't decided whether or not to charge for it(from an interview). Sorry if I'm wrong on any of these, my memory isn't as fresh regarding these topics and their dev posts as it is on some others.
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