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So, let's hear from you.

What is your threshold number of posts per day that you need to see in the Dev Tracker before you accept that they're communicating enough?
Ok, you have a point, this isn't entirely about numbers, it's about substance. As much as I'd like to see us hitting the high 20's with developer responses, it would all be for naught if those responses are merely just more of the same "Soon™" we've been receiving.

I'd like to see named members of the community team responding in the SGRA thread. Just one at the moment would be enough. Ideally I'd like to see them getting involved in the discussions and conversations that happen on these boards, but, as evidenced by Ms. Berryman's posting here, there isn't the time for that.

To me, posts that say "We're aware of this" or "We like this" aren't what I would consider 'good' communication. Yes, it is a form of communication, but then so is a temper tantrum two year old. Ms. Berryman specifically came into this thread to tell us how the developer tracker works and what kinks it has. That I appreciate. Ms. Berryman's second post helps to alleviate some concerns that I had about the future of their communication via the forums.

Developer posts aren't all encompassing when it comes to communication. I would like to see patch notes posted on the site ahead of deployment - even if the patch isn't being run on the PTS (our little x.x.# patches, for example). I would like to see the developers discussing the reasons behind their changes when they do class or other mechanics adjustments. Obviously this takes more time, but the information to create such articles must already exist, it's merely formatting it.

I realise that people get angry about release dates and those being missed, but I feel that some of that tension could be avoided if we are kept informed about why changes and delays are happening. Something like "we aren't happy with how some features are working out" or "we ran into some unexpected coding issues" maybe even a simple thing like a window broke and now the kitchen is flooded so half the electrics had to be turned off for a day and that put a kink in production. People are getting annoyed because we have a lack of detail, a lack of insight.