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Why do people think their are entitled to constant communication in every form possible? If you have questions, send in an email. Whenever I've had issues with the game, I've emailed them and gotten prompt responses. This is a video game, not a babysitting service. They don't need to hold our hands and constantly "talk" to us to re-assure us.
Why do I want communication? Ok, let's discuss.

You're quite right that this is a video game. This, however, is not a buy-once-and-be-done video game, but rather a subscription based service. Whether I purchase continuing service is dependent on whether I currently enjoy the game and whether I think the game will continue to be worth my money. I currently enjoy the game, but the way I decide whether it will be enjoyable in the future is by checking the website, these forums, etc. for word on what's coming and when. When there is sparse communication about what and when then I am disinclined to continue to pay money to a service that 1) seems to have no clear direction and 2) had SAID they were going to communicate more (Allison just reiterated that) and yet we see an average of 4 posts per day (most of which have no significant information) which, in my opinion, is insufficient.

Now, your opinion on what is sufficient communication is obviously different from mine. Great, fabulous, wonderful. So what? How is my request for more communication a problem for you?

I'm frustrated. I've been playing since December. I like this game quite a lot, but when things are obviously in flux, it makes it difficult to have any confidence in their ability to produce something I will want to play. I appreciate Allison's answer on why the Dev Tracker was at one page. Those clarifications help a good deal. But when you look at the questions that have not been answered for MONTHS (when will paid transfers be implimented, when will people be forced off their low-pop servers, are SGRAs still in development) and items such as whether the Makeb patch will be free or charged for subscribers...well, I would like to see some answers.

And Kubernetic, I'd like to see somewhere in the realm of a dozen per day. I'd prefer quality over quantity, but if they're not going to give us quality then they'd do well to make up for it with quantity.
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