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Could we get some clarification on this issue please?

I'm referring to two matters:
1) If I unlock Corso as a ranged tank, gaining the increase to max health stat bonus, does this mean that if I unlock other companion characters of the same role-type but on different classes, I wont receive another bonus to max health? I.e it's not cumulative?

If not, this kinda makes the whole point of maxing out your affection with different companions on different classes kinda pointless, except maybe for some weird bragging rights...

2) If the answer to the above point is that unlocking multiple companions of the same role-type SHOULD give you stacking increases to certain stats, is this supposed to have been fixed? I ask this, because as of 22:00 MDT this evening, it still does not appear to be working for me.
1) correct, you will only get the health bonus from one tank, you will however get 10 presence from each companion you get maxed

2) working as intended
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