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but i am a realist and i truely do think the direction of the game has changed with the changing of the devs, if not then there would be no need to change the devs. and its not that i think more story is out of the question, but i think the only way we will get is if 2 things happen.
I'm not saying you're wrong, but I really can't's all conjecture on either side. You have read into the various interviews a feeling of moving away form the story, but I have read the same things and got the impression it's still something they're very much interested in pursuing.. There is a difference between putting something on the back-burner and completely changing their vision. Only time will tell...or else a clear statement from the developers.
But also keep in mind that changing developers on a game is not all that uncommon and it happens for many reasons, even for a game enjoying a high amount of success. There are several different teams in SWTOR. There's the Ops team, the WZs team, the story writing team, the space missions team.

One thing for sure though, if the game's profits don't rise after going f2p, then you won't be seeing a lot of things in the future. Whatever the developers want to do, the profits are going to determine the budget.
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