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08.29.2012 , 12:55 PM | #6
DSafana, thanks.

In terms of Fearful, I was referring to ranged. Two of our wipes happened when the ranged dps got Fearful (I was one of them). I was between 25m and 30m of Zorn at the time.

When I move back to beyond 30m, I can't dps as I'm out of range. If Toth jumps right an schedule, everything is fine. But the longer he waits to jump, the less dps I'm doing. I'm not sure how close to the wire I can cut it. Is Fearful cast the moment Toth jumps? Right before? Right after?

It seems hitting the health percentage, moving back and waiting is the safest bet, but I'm worried about enrage if we have too much dps downtime.