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08.29.2012 , 12:28 PM | #5
With the strategy you are using your problems don't occur.
The Melee DPS are always on Toth, since He always jumps to Zorn. The melee should never get the debuff unless they attack ZORN. And even if the melee gets the debuff, they aren't switching to attack Zorn so they can continue attacking Toth with the debuff. The debuff only reflects damage back when you attack Zorn. melee doesn't ever have to move from the Toth tanking spot, as long as Toth is in their range they are free to attack.
This is why it's the default tactic. Now if you have all melee DPS and no ranged, you'll have to change to another tactic, which involves boss switching during jumps.

The Toth bounce damage has to be soaked up, good time for defensive cooldowns on the melee dps. Also a good idea to have a GOOD AOE healer on Toth.