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08.29.2012 , 10:17 AM | #4
They would have to make serious changes to group finder to allow it to do heroics too. You seriously don't need a traditional group to do heroics (not that you need one for most HM FP either). I see people all the time LF Tank or LF DPS for heroics, when 2 other dps or healers are looking for the same time, Heroics can easily be done with 3 or 4 people of the same class. I would much rather have 2 scondrels for CtS even if they are both healers. The can CC up to 4 eliets at one time counting organics and droids. Hell they can even skip everything but the boss fights. Other than soloing a Heroic 4, the most fun I have had in a heroic was with 4 dps and another group with 2 tanks and 2 healers.

If I am playing a stealth class leveling or my sawbones doing dailies, I usually don't bother LFG just solo the stuff. However, if I see someone requesting a group I do reply in case they cannot solo it. However, I don't care about group make up...even in teir 1 FP except in a couple boss fights where pulls make the fight so much easier. That has never been a problem in a heroic.