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08.29.2012 , 10:10 AM | #1
I hope to get some input on this strat. My group tried this last night and it seemed to be a good idea at first, but we didn't pull it off. Most of our failures were due to avoidable mistakes, so we could iron out the mistakes and continue with this strat, or go back to the boss swap strat.

It went like this:

1. 2 Ranged dps on Zorn at 29.5 meters
2. 2 Melee dps on Toth
3. At 90/70/50/30/10 ranged step back so as to not get fearful.
5. Toth jumps.
4. Tanks taunt and then they run to the opposite sides, leaving the drouks in the same positions.
5. Melee stay on Toth
6. Ranged step forward and resume attacking Zorn

Because the melee are always on Toth they don't get the fearful debuff. Because the ranged can step back they don't get it either.

The theory behind this strat was to increase dps uptime on the bosses, though as I mentioned, we weren't quite able to succeed. That said, most of our wipes were due to stupid stuff like someone getting killed by the red circles at 60/40. So once we get coordinated, it is possible this strat could work.

Any input would be welcome.