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Like others said, depending on your class. If you're a PT or Vanguard you can push Shield and Absorb quite a bit higher. Asassins, again you can push it higher but Im not sure how valuable it'll be.

For a Jugg, again it can go higher, but generally speaking it would be better to stack Defense beyond the 50/50 Shield/Absorb level. It's not that you can go over 50%, its just that it's overall more valuable to stack defense.

You should also take into account that it's a two roll system. First roll is Hit Miss Defend, second roll is Crit, Shield, with Absorb always absorbing the given amount if the attack is shielded. Meaning, as you stack more Defense, your overall mitigation goes higher but your Shield/Absorb technically loses value.

Again this is just my opinion, but taking current Augmented Campaign gear as BiS with a few adjustments you should be aiming for like:

30-32% Defense
50% Shield
50% Absorb

Assassin: Not sure about this one

17-20% Defense
50-55% Shield
55-60% Absorb

Hope that helps 8-)

But in summary, those guys on fleet were pretty much wrong. It sort of applies true to Juggs, but even then not really. Pre 1.2 it was more a case of Hit 50/50 and then stack tons of defense. But with augments and Campaign gear its very possible to push them stats a fair bit higher.
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