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Now I'm no math genius, but you should be able to calculate your way out of it..

The only thing I'm uncertain off is when armor mitigation kicks in..

Defense rating is the chance to dodge ANY attack. At some point the points you put into this is worth less and less.. So early on 50 points might be 5%, but later on another 50 points would only net you 0.2%.. Diminishing returns.
In my view that means that defense is always a good stat and should be aimed as close to dimishing returns as possible..
After defense the attack is either shieldable or non-shieldable.. Non shieldable the goes to your hitpoint pool.
If it's shieldable it has the shield chance to be absorbed and is then absorbed the amount specified.

With easy numbers like 50% and 50% and a hit worth 2000 damage.. 50% of the time you will only get hit by 1000 damage. Now if this was the point at which endurance gets better we can do the same calculation.

Say you have to choose between absorb or endurance against that same attack. 30 absorb would give you 2% absorb and 30 endurance would give you 300hp.
2% of 2000 is 80.. So half the time you would get hit for 920 hitpoints instead of getting having 300hp larger pool. That sounds like it's in favor of endurance, but what if that 2000 hit comes every 5 seconds the 300hp looks worse and worse..

Let's say you sacrifice a lot of absorb and end up with 25% absorb but is then sporting an epeen enhancing hp pool with 3000 extra hp from endurance mods. The same tiny hit would then hit you for 1500, catching up to your hp pool in 6 attacks.. Only 1 person like this, and that's your healer.
Now you run unto a nice big hit of 10000. Now the difference between 25 and 50% absorb turns into 2500hp,. Now your healer doesn't like you!!. He would much rather see you get a 5k hit than a 7.5k hit.

Now comes this big fact that makes it even more complex to make an informed decision.. Absorb only works "shield %" of the time, whereas Endurance works ALL the time.. Also, shield/absorb also only works against certain attacks.. Now most of the current endgame contains attacks that are shieldable, so the last fact should only worry you if you play a lot of pvp..

Basically in a perfect world you would carry a high shield/absorb set for fights with lots of attacks incoming, and a high endurance one for a fight with few large hits or dot heavy fights which bypass shield/absorb completely.

Defense stays good..

Also, keep an eye on the types of cooldowns and abilities you have.. Do you boost defense, then that is less important to carry in your gear, and so on.. Do you boost absorb then shield chance is much more important than absorb as a boost to absorb is useless if shield chance is low.. Cooldowns are used for the hard times in a fight, so you need your gear to compliment your cooldowns.

TL,DR There's no clear cut way of ever saying that one tank stat is better than the other.
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