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So what i am prob misunderstanding is that the comm's you get. You purchase a unassembled Rakata or campaign piece of gear from a vendor then take it to fleet and trade it to the rakata or campaign vendor? Or is it a loot drop that you take to the rakata/campaign vendor and trade to them?
Rakata and Columi unassembled gear drops in HM FPs and Ops. Each of them is something very specific, meaning you'll never get for example "Unassembled Rakata Mainhand", you will get "Unassembled Rakata Master Force Mainhand Weapon" which you can then take to the Inquisitor vendor and exchange it for the mainhand of your choice (in which case it's either a lightsaber or a double-bladed lightsaber). In other words, this particular drop for example would be of interest only to a sorcerer or an assassin

Campaign gear drops are "Unassembled Campaign XXXX". Again, you take the token to the vendor, but this time you can choose which vendor, that's not assigned by default, like it is with Rakata and Columi. This way it's easier to loot as everyone has an equal chance of a drop, rather than having to wait for the chance that the XXXX campaign piece for your AC will drop.