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what i wrote is an imo post, and in no way is gospel, i just took what we do know from certain interviews and logically looked at why these things are happening. i am not trolling or hating in any way, i love the story, heck i even started a thread called "rate the story you have played" i myself have played 4 toons all the way through for the story and am on my 5th. and there is nothing i want more than more story

but i am a realist and i truely do think the direction of the game has changed with the changing of the devs, if not then there would be no need to change the devs. and its not that i think more story is out of the question, but i think the only way we will get is if 2 things happen.

1) the game starts making decent profits - this is by far the most important thing

2) we, the community keep banging our drums, and make sure the new dev team realize how important the story is to us. the buzz word feedback
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